“The land registry for us is a very, very big deal,” said Jody Isenor, president of the N.S. Land Surveyor’s Association.

Mr. Isenor said this in response to a potential privatization of the Nova Scotia government’s land registry — one of three provincial registries under consideration for outsourcing by the McNeil government.

“Our members see this as a potentially huge increase in access fees and registration fees,” Isenor was quoted as saying in a story by CBC News Nova Scotia.

According to the CBC story, Mr. Isenor also says the government has not made any attempt to consult with the surveyors over the issue. It also reports that surveyors claim outsourced land registries elsewhere in Canada have seen a tripling of fees and reduced access.

“Potentially the loss of a whole subset of public information from the public hands — that’s the real primary concern,” Mr. Isenor said.

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