Here is part of a letter to the editor as published in the Chronicle Herald:

So now the Liberals plan to go ahead with privatizing the Land registry, joint stock registry and vehicle registry offices whether we like it or not. We all know how well privatization has served us with Nova Scotia Power, for which we pay among the highest rates in Canada supporting a for-profit monopoly with exorbitant executive salaries. Don’t I remember the Liberals saying they were going to deal with power rates when they were elected? Another reversed promise, I guess.

Now we are going to take another government service, which is generating income for the government, and hand it over to a private company that will have to make a profit from it. That profit will be taken from us (the taxpayers) and given to a company and we’ll be the long-term losers. It is interesting also that the company (Teranet) hired Premier Stephen McNeil’s 2013 campaign manager Chris McInnes as a lobbyist for government “procurement, privatization and outsourcing,” so a Liberal insider is pushing the file. It all stinks of favouritism, conflict of interest and personal gain, which seems to be a trademark of this government.

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