Since the election of 2013, Stephen McNeil has been hell bent on destroying organised labor from day one, by passing the worst piece of legislation in the history of this province. Since that failed, he now plans to privatize anything he can get his hands on. From hospital support services to the Registry of Motor Vehicles, and he does not intend to stop there. All good paying jobs are at risk of being disposed of, thanks to his pig headedness and lack of concern for anyone who isn’t a corporate figurehead or organisation. Health care in this province has become a joke, education tuition fees are poised to explode to the point of being unaffordable while teachers are being forced to take what he considers a reasonable offer.
He is clearly continuing John Savage’s vision of Nova Scotia, privatize everything he can, sell off all assets for profit to his backers, raise rates through the roof wherever possible and blame the taxpayer for the bad decisions made by previous governments.
He claims we are on a ‘Fiscal Cliff’, which he is not the first to mention such, since 1984, we have been there? Which he seems to be trying so desperately to convince everybody of. If we are on such a ‘Financial Cliff’, why does he continue to give corporations handouts of taxpayer dollars like water? Stop Corporate Welfare, is a good place to start, McNeil.Or perhaps in your own backyard, then maybe so many people will be more likely to follow the government’s lead.
Never before have i seen a premier so hell bent on destroying the province he claims to love & is proud of. Imagine the possibilities if he didn’t love or take pride in it?
I plan on moving out of province for good, in the next year or so, due to Mr. McNeil’s relentless attack on ‘good paying jobs with benefits’ and refusal to listen to anyone but his financial backers. He does not realize that the rich of this province do not make this province’s economy work, but rather the blue collar worker are the ones that do.
Can someone explain, how does clawing back wages, outsourcing of jobs, privatizing public sector jobs to out of province owners, among other lame ideas, benefit this province or its economy? All the while, wanting doctors, teachers and healthcare workers to stay put and practice their craft for next to no money, benefits, etc; work again, exactly?
This province cannot afford another four years of relentless attacks on unionized labour, wage freezes and corporate welfare being handed out like free cookies. After this four year term, this province will be in a much worst financial mess than it already supposedly is, and the population will continue to dwindle, and no jobs will be left here, at least no good jobs.
PS: Congratulations on being the only province in all of Canada to have a steady population decline. This is one accomplishment that no other premier in the history of this province has been able to accomplish in such a short time. This trend will only continue under his watch. Thanks FOR PUTTING NOVA SCOTIANS FIRST !! Imagine if he didn’t put us first(on the chopping block/expulsion list).
The possibilities are endless.

– Todd Bobbitt