I want to tell you how the decisions of the McNeil Government have affected my family.

My daughter used to work in this province at two retail locations in Port Hawkesbury, and because of the loss of so many people moving out West most of the shops in the Mall where she worked have shut down, with out the work to pay her rent in the town she and her boyfriend had to move to Fort Mac with the rest of the out migration from the area.

Myself, I have been lucky to work at the NSLC, which is a great place to work with a decent living wage and great benefits. Since the day I stepped in the door there in 1985 the word “privatize” has been a word I’ve heard a lot. I know the agency stores are affecting the bottom line of the NSLC and all of us here in rural Nova Scotia are affected by it. Little by little they are taking pieces of this province and selling it off.

My husband works in the Survey industry and is again affected by the land registry privatization decision. He has had one of the worst years for work in this province so far and it can only get worse. So my whole family is hanging on the verge of having to go away for work and possibly leave this province with the rest of the people before us. Thanks Stephen McNeil for splitting our family up.

– Mary Mackay