Fair Share from Corporations

It’s time for large corporations to start paying their share instead of reaping ridiculous profit at the same time as the average Nova Scotian is held responsible for paying off the Province’s debt. The economic health of Nova Scotia needs to be tied to their bottom line somehow. It’s incredible to think that Sobey’s, Irving, Loblaws, Transcontinental, etc, can continue to reap and fleece massive profit out of a Province that is so in debt. It’s just not right.

-Pete GM 

Seniors Struggling

We are new Senior Citizens on a very, very FIXED INCOME. We were not lucky enough to be able to receive a pension of sorts from when we were working, as years back a lot of companies didnot provide us the opportunity to pay into any sort of pension plan… the attitude seemed to be that it wasn’t all that important for some reason… some companies Unionized over this exact thinking…….BUT we still have to pay all the extras this government is throwing at us..and have NO Say in anything..with an attitude..JUST SEND US YOUR MONEY. Us dedicated and Loyal Nova Scotians have always been dealt very LOW BLOWS to make our way of life almost non/existent..everything goes up…except the amount in that brown envelope that comes in the mail…NO..now goes to direct deposit…

I would love to have some of our politicians TRY and live (if you want to call it that) on what we do and still pay them upfront; I really really thought that when Stephen McNeil came on the political scene…there was actually some hope that we would actually see some financial help than what had been thrown our way in the past… a glimmer of hope that we were recognized as actually being an appreciated being in our old age… but guess compassion went out the window with the word Premier of Nova Scotia attached to a Smalltown man that we thought had compassion and understanding towards an aging population that has already given their All… AMEN is all that comes to mind.

-Arnold & Sharon Rhyno 

Wages Frozen, Expenses Going Up!

My nurse wage is getting frozen, yet our apartment rent and bills are going up. My husband is a graduating student, yet he can’t even access the Graduate Retention Rebate after 4 years in a degree because the Liberal government cancelled it. We are considering going back to his hometown in British Columbia, because nurses are paid a lot more out there, without all these constant union fights that the government wants to start.

-Sharalene Crawley 

Gutting Our Parks!

While camping with my family this summer, I discovered how McNeil has simply gutted our provincial parks.

Not only were the skeleton crew NOT able to take reservations, their office had been outfitted with a “special color” telephone that was a direct line to a call center, in ONTARIO!!!

This call center had to take our reservation, and if we arrived after hours, instead of being admitted into the park by staff, we were invited to “camp” in the parking lot overnight- and they would charge us a nightly fee for this service!!

I was ashamed of how McNeil gutted this provincial park of employees and how that, inturn, affected the surrounding communty- less employeed citizens, less revenue.

Thanks Stephen McNeil for gutting our provincial parks, installing direct lines to employ Ontario call center workers, and laying off our young people.

-Lisa Enn

Shipping Out Small Business

I was born and raised in Nova Scotia. I have my own company and relocated to Alberta in June 2014. Moved my family and business there because the nova scotia goverment was bleeding me dry with high high taxes. Just like to say thanks to the government for forcing me to make a decision at 42 years old. FYI there is no place like home.

  • Robert Hartling

Selling off pieces of NS

I want to tell you how the decisions of the McNeil Government have affected my family.

My daughter used to work in this province at two retail locations in Port Hawkesbury, and because of the loss of so many people moving out West most of the shops in the Mall where she worked have shut down, with out the work to pay her rent in the town she and her boyfriend had to move to Fort Mac with the rest of the out migration from the area.

Myself, I have been lucky to work at the NSLC, which is a great place to work with a decent living wage and great benefits. Since the day I stepped in the door there in 1985 the word “privatize” has been a word I’ve heard a lot. I know the agency stores are affecting the bottom line of the NSLC and all of us here in rural Nova Scotia are affected by it. Little by little they are taking pieces of this province and selling it off.

My husband works in the Survey industry and is again affected by the land registry privatization decision. He has had one of the worst years for work in this province so far and it can only get worse. So my whole family is hanging on the verge of having to go away for work and possibly leave this province with the rest of the people before us. Thanks Stephen McNeil for splitting our family up.

– Mary Mackay

McNeil emptying Pictou Co.

How much hate can a Premier have for one County ???? No more Tourist Bureau and no more Land Information/Registry of Deeds !! And by the way, does everybody know that the Province continues to pay rent to the Pictou County Municipal Office for space that now sits vacant!!!

– Kenda Grant

Filmmaker forced to Toronto

My son, a graduate of the NSCC film program, is making plans to move away to Toronto as his work has dried up here in Nova Scotia. For the last three years he has had lots of work to keep him busy year round in an industry that does have down times. As a family, we hate to see him go and we are very disappointed with the funding cuts to the film community. He wants to stay in Nova Scotia, but wants to continue working in his profession, so it leaves him little choice but to move away.

– Wendy Peters

Attacking blue collar workers

Since the election of 2013, Stephen McNeil has been hell bent on destroying organised labor from day one, by passing the worst piece of legislation in the history of this province. Since that failed, he now plans to privatize anything he can get his hands on. From hospital support services to the Registry of Motor Vehicles, and he does not intend to stop there. All good paying jobs are at risk of being disposed of, thanks to his pig headedness and lack of concern for anyone who isn’t a corporate figurehead or organisation. Health care in this province has become a joke, education tuition fees are poised to explode to the point of being unaffordable while teachers are being forced to take what he considers a reasonable offer.
He is clearly continuing John Savage’s vision of Nova Scotia, privatize everything he can, sell off all assets for profit to his backers, raise rates through the roof wherever possible and blame the taxpayer for the bad decisions made by previous governments.
He claims we are on a ‘Fiscal Cliff’, which he is not the first to mention such, since 1984, we have been there? Which he seems to be trying so desperately to convince everybody of. If we are on such a ‘Financial Cliff’, why does he continue to give corporations handouts of taxpayer dollars like water? Stop Corporate Welfare, is a good place to start, McNeil.Or perhaps in your own backyard, then maybe so many people will be more likely to follow the government’s lead.
Never before have i seen a premier so hell bent on destroying the province he claims to love & is proud of. Imagine the possibilities if he didn’t love or take pride in it?
I plan on moving out of province for good, in the next year or so, due to Mr. McNeil’s relentless attack on ‘good paying jobs with benefits’ and refusal to listen to anyone but his financial backers. He does not realize that the rich of this province do not make this province’s economy work, but rather the blue collar worker are the ones that do.
Can someone explain, how does clawing back wages, outsourcing of jobs, privatizing public sector jobs to out of province owners, among other lame ideas, benefit this province or its economy? All the while, wanting doctors, teachers and healthcare workers to stay put and practice their craft for next to no money, benefits, etc; work again, exactly?
This province cannot afford another four years of relentless attacks on unionized labour, wage freezes and corporate welfare being handed out like free cookies. After this four year term, this province will be in a much worst financial mess than it already supposedly is, and the population will continue to dwindle, and no jobs will be left here, at least no good jobs.
PS: Congratulations on being the only province in all of Canada to have a steady population decline. This is one accomplishment that no other premier in the history of this province has been able to accomplish in such a short time. This trend will only continue under his watch. Thanks FOR PUTTING NOVA SCOTIANS FIRST !! Imagine if he didn’t put us first(on the chopping block/expulsion list).
The possibilities are endless.

– Todd Bobbitt

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